About us

Coach Mohd Noor, Founder CMN Digylearn

Our story...

Our origin background was started as an educational institution from 2009 that offers education and training, incorporating a variety of teaching and learning methods.

Now we focus to integrate your passion, talent and skills to educational digital content such as videos, ebooks, E-Learning, online course, audio, and physical books.

What makes Digylearn interesting is its creative and innovative approach to learning, which you can create and sell your own digital product’s platform which is not widely available in Malaysia.

The history of Digylearn dates back to 2016 when the idea was conceived by its founder, Coach Mohd Noor, during his stay in the United Kingdom. The technology and teaching styles in the UK and abroad inspired him to embark on the creation of this hub. He also had the opportunity to learn alongside mentors from other countries for the development of Digital Learning.

During that time, the majority of Malaysians were not yet ready to embrace this style of learning. However, his strong determination and ambitious goals drove him to continue building Digylearn.

Digylearn began with just a few ebook and e-learning products authored by Coach Mohd Noor himself, and thankfully, received highly encouraging demand from students, tutors, and education entrepreneurs at the time.

Several of these modules generated five to six figures and are still being sold today, using strategies shared with over thousands of Content and Module Creators. Additionally, some of the learning modules developed by him have received awards at the university level and he has been invited to share his knowledge with teachers and educators, including those in public and private universities.

Today, Digylearn has advanced with hundreds of digital products abd online courses and collaborate with content creator, SME’s and Higher Education Institution.

With the growing of customers and Affiliate Team of Digylearn, we are confident in expanding these creative and innovative learning products throughout Malaysia and oversea.

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